UPSART welcomes you!

  Our créations 

All of our creations are born from and inspired by the ocean, most of them are unique models made with noble materials, most often natural, from our walks on the foreshore.

For furniture, unique models also created and manufactured on site.

The bamboo elements come from our thirty-year-old plantation, we found it at the bottom of our land when we moved to Charente-Maritime, which ensures they have a very low carbon footprint.

The sculptures and decorative objects are made in our workshop, often in unique models because the driftwood is often too small to make several similar objects in the same piece.

Laser cutting and engraving objects can be produced in small series if you wish. We are at your disposal for any request for information. You can contact us via the
contact page, or by phone.


  • Assiettes en ardoises Ile d'yeu
  • Assiette en ardoise Oléron
  • Sous verre ardoise Chouffe
  • Paille bambou personnalisable



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